Turky – this is what I call “holiday in heaven”!


Look at it and tell me if it doesn’t look like what you have been dreaming of as “holiday in heaven” – Grand Yazici Marmaris Palace

There is a sea

Blue and beautiful. I don’t know if you noticed that specific smell of the seacoast, but I love it. You know when you are approaching seacoast you get to sense that special smell, mixture of different odor – sea water and all kind of trees and plants in that area. It is amazing. For me that is what makes holiday at the seacoast special. When you sense it, you know you arrived. I remember places by their smells – I don’t know if it’s same for you. Not only by the way they smell but that is something so specific for me, like every place or country has its own explicit, precise, unique smell that defines it. At least in my mind it does. 🙂

I am not “lake” or “river” person – although I can imagine why many people prefer it. I am “sea” person – always were and always will be. I love it so much that when I’ve started learning to meditate, the easiest thing I could visualize – see it, feel it, sense it in my mind – was the sea water. You know when you are at the beach and you come close to the water and look down, you see transparent clean water and stones on the bottom that sun makes reflection of on the surface of the water. At that moment, right there, no matter if it’s warm or cold outside, I get irresistible eager to just jump in or at least soak my feet in.

turky -marmaris

There are palm trees

Yes, palm trees are something else that defines seacoast for me. I can’t imagine seacoast without it. They are like stamp-mark. What I really like about Grand Yazici Marmaris Palace is all those trees, not just palm trees. I like to be able to have some natural shade. For me it’s such a pleasure laying down in some tree shade at those hot hours of the day. It is soooo great for having a nap.

greece marmaris

There is a pool

I’m not the kind of person that prefers pool over sea. In my opinion, those are two totally different experiences – swimming in pool and swimming in sea. And I love them both. I don’t like crowded pools, maybe that is why I like Grand Yazici Marmaris Palace so much – pool is big and you can enjoy it like you are the only person there.

kids holiday vacation

And if you have kids

Kids need more then me when they are on holiday. Sun, water and trees are not enough for them. They always yearn for more entertainment, “what’s next, whats next…“. Here you go, no need to bust your brain making up fun for kids. Grand Yazici Marmaris Palace  has it all.

kids holiday vacation

All this, is enough for me to have a dream holiday.


Check out for yourself >>>greece holiday vacation

Muahaaa and stay tuned


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