Round-Oval Table I Have

round oval table

Round/oval table verses square/Rectangular┬áone? This is the round-oval table I have, just mine is more cherry-wood-color. Or should I say “Cherry Finish” ­čść

They call it:  Home Styles 5179-30 Round Dining Table with Pedestal Base, Cottage Oak Finish

I love round tables. Round or oval, name it as you like – no sharp┬áedges┬áanyway. And in my home, over the years, we had a few and I have one now┬á ­čÖä That┬áshows┬áhow much we like them, but even so, after a while we always change it for a┬ásquare┬áone.

Up side of having round/oval table, is that there is not exact number of seats around, I mean, there is but, if more people come unexpectedly or expectedly, you can always squeeze in chair or two. Not much  more, but at least table corner will not poke anyone in a stomach.

No table legs in your way. You do not need pay attention would you kick your leg to a table leg. No need to adjust your posture to fit a table. Great feature.

And of course they look great in a big room of big house or┬áapartment, which, not many of us live in these days – right?!

Down side is that they are usually wider then square tables. This one is 42 inches┬ácomparing to┬áusual 30 inches of square one.┬á┬áFor that reason, every time you pass it, you have a feeling like you have to go around it. Not so practical, isn’t it?

Well, yes, I emphasis again, if you have round/oval table in big room, that is not a problem.

The other thing is that in case you have to move it from one room to another, as I do very often, nuisance.

What I’ve realized few min ago – had to go to dinning room to close the window – is that for round/oval table you need to have round room – that would be perfect.

Well, if I do not move soon in my dream house, I will have to change this round table for a square one very soon, unfortunately.

Muahaaa and stay tuned!


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