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A year ago, or so, friend gave me this nail conditioner “Eveline 8 in 1 total action”. I’m not so fond of chemical things, what ever they may be. Ever since I remember, I’ve preferred natural things. I’ve used to think that I prefer natural products because I didn’t have much money and couldn’t afford cosmetic products, but later I’ve realized, money is not in question. Simply, I don’t find it logical; why would I use manufactured and refined products if I can use natural ones?!

Why people use refined products instead of natural products?

In my opinion there are 3 reasons why people buy things like this. One is, they are lazy. Other is lack of time. And the third is they have attitude like, “all that is new or expensive or made by scientists, is the best“.

To laziness, I have nothing to add – shame on you 

Lack of time is common now a days and it justifies use of chemical products to some degree. I still don’t recommend it as permanent solution.

The third reason I don’t approve at all.

Few years ago, I’ve asked my good friend cosmetologists:

“Which cream would you suggest for dark circles under my eyes? Which brand you find the best?”

She start laughing out loud and said:

“Don’t be stupid! With brands you pay 90% for brand name and package and 10% for some simple ingredient you have at home, like sunflower oil”.

I was amazed, but she didn’t suppressed me much. Of course, she would never say that to her customers, not because she is dishonest and money-grabber, but because everyone has right to choose what they want to use.

About this third reason, people are so vain when it comes to branding, like brand name brings them happiness; brand name for most means “status symbol” like, I am rich, I am somebody. It goes to such a degree that they make themselves look ridiculous. Quit the opposite of what they think of accomplishing by having brand products – cloths, shoes, accessories or what ever.

Eveline 8 to 1 total action is for those who have lack of time.

For those who have lack of time I’ve decided to mention this product – nail conditioner “Eveline 8 in 1 total action”. My nails are good looking yet, in fact, not such a good quality. They grow fast, no problem there, but, since I remember they are hard and dry, so to say. I suppose the lack of some vitamins (I’ve noticed that stress has much to do with it) makes my nails like this and as result they have layers that you can pill off (at the very edge of the nail). These days it’s not so drastic as sometimes is, but I will make picture and show you what I mean. It’s like, no matter how long my nails are, one layer, upper layer, tends to separate of the lower layer. I’ve tried different ways of cutting my nails and filing them. It didn’t make any difference.

damaged nail layer 2 damaged nail layer

I’ve tried applying several things, natural products of course, and one made by cosmetic industry worked also. Nature always works.  I will come to that later in some article. Here I am going to tell you that Eveline 8 in 1 total action nail conditioner is working also, if I am too busy at the time, that is.


If you have lack of time, which most people do, this conditioner is not a bad solution. If you are woman, it will mean few days without your favorite nail polisher, but this conditioner gives an effect of “top coat nail polisher” (transparent or clear and shiny effect), thus your nail will look nice. Plus, it is not expensive, very affordable. It use to be $10-$12, but now at sale is $7.

Product Details from Eveline Cosmetics website:

Revolutionary formula with active Strong Nail TM complex that penetrates nail structure, effectively regenerating and reconstructing it. Tightens, maximally hardens and stimulates the growth of nail plate. Improves flexibility making nails more resistant to mechanical injuries. Protects against cracking, braking and splitting. Helps to restore smooth surface and gloss shine to damaged and mat nails. As soon as after 10 days of treatment, all your problems will disappear and you will enjoy beautiful and healthy nails. Intensive treatment designed for damaged and brittle nails, also for weak nail plate care after nail tips removal.

  • Designed for damaged and brittle nails
  • Stimulates the growth of nail plate
  • Protects against cracking, braking and splitting
  • Restores nail’s smooth surface
  • Active Strong Nail TM complex

How to use Eveline 8 in 1 total action nail conditioner

This is how I use it. I apply one layer of this conditioner every day for four days. Then, on 5th day I remove it and next day I start again four day treatment. Sometimes I do only first 4 days and then stop, but the effect is not that good.

As I notice, the same things do not work for all people. In that sense, I cannot tell you with certainty that Eveline 8 in 1 total action nail conditioner will give results in your case. Most people I know who have tried this conditioner are satisfied. That’s why I decided to tell you about it – worth to try.

Some natural remedies for nails I will give you on my other website – – it is more appropriate considering the niche of this website!

Muahaaa and stay tuned!


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