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I know many women that don’t care much for makeup, but I AM NOT one of them. I consider makeup the part of woman’s daily hygiene routine. I also like when men wear makeup, or at least give attention to their manicure and pedicure, preferably to their body hair too. 🙂

And I don’t advocate that woman should wear loads of makeup on their faces, also. There has to be a difference between daily makeup and night or special occasions makeup. If woman likes to keep her makeup “light” in any occasion or time of the day, I like that. What I don’t like and don’t see the sensible reason for is “not using makeup”.

You all have seen models without makeup before some fashion show, right? Most of them look ugly or at least plain and not noticable. But when you see the same model with at least some makeup on, like foundation and mascara and lipstick, that is totally new look, like totally new person.

I believe that wearing makeup is one way of showing respect to yourself and others.

There are many brands out there that you can choose from. What you pick is up what you can afford or what is good for your skin type. No matter what you pick from all of those brands, any makeup makes you more feminine – either more gentle or more dominant, depending on your taste or the impression you like to make at the moment. When man are in question, makeup makes them look sophisticated and classy and well groomed.

What I noticed is that makeup shows a lot of persons background, the family person raised up by and her ancestors aslo. Pay a little attention to it, think about it and let me know if im right or wrong. It’s like the part of “families bon ton”.

As for anything in life “bon ton” of makeup is something you can learn if you are interested. Especially now a days with internet and so many tutorials about makeup, what anyone needs to know about makeup and applying makeup it’s a click away. No excuses left. 🙂

Lets see what brands of makeup are there around this planet. I’m not going to give you ranking, just the list. You may find some that is more suitable for you that you didn’t know about. Click here to check the list>

Or check list that is available on Wikipedia:

For those of you that like cruelty free vegan makeup brands-CLICK HERE

Muahaaa and stay tuned!

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