Canet-en-Roussillon – Southern France


There are so many beautiful small towns at the South of France region that I can’t decide which one to show you first. So here is the other one I like very much:


It is a commune in the Pyrenees-Orientals in region of Landlocked-Roussilion, intercommunality called Perpignan Mediterranean at south-west part of French coast. Mediterranean town at the foothills of the Pyrenees. Mixture of mountain and sea air is very healthy for all ages building immune system of the body sky high.

With over 325 days of sun per year, Canet en Roussillon is the ideal holiday destination for those who love lazing around, exploring new places, or doing sports activities.

That part of French coast has sandy beaches, perfect for kids and us adults who are like kids 😆 Canet-en-Roussillon find sand beach is 9km long – walk, jogging, biking, you pick. There is, for a small town, pretty big marina – haven for amateur sailors as well as from professionals. The natural lake, the Viscount Castle, kite surf, summer events, the fisherman’s huts, swimming competitions, indoor tennis courts – you name it, they have it or do it!

Do not mistake it for Canet de mer which is just across the border, but in Spain.


Canet-en-Roussillon is more like a suburb of Perpignan

I like when some bigger town is close because you don’t have to worry about hospitals or official documents, in case of need.

But, as we all know, picture say more then words, thus I’ll stop talking/writing and let pictures say it:


canet-marina - yacht


Muahaaa and stay tuned!


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