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Did I ever told you, I love sailing?! And of course, sailing boats!! It is incredible how fast that industry develops and how efficient and modernized equipment for these boats become. Not to mention more and more “races” (CUP‘s) around the world.

But, no matter of racing and big money investing and wining by participation, for us, ordinary people, what is most important is the pleasure of riding in one of those boats – old type or newest one – it doesnt matter, feeling is amazing.

If you’ve never went sailing

Just close your eyes and imagine sitting or laying down on one of these boats, while only thing you hear is sound of water – sound that the boat makes while smoothing its way trough the sea or lake or river. In a distance you may hear the birds. Occasionally, you may hear the sound of loosen sail, as wind changes just for a split second, to straighten up, get filled with wind again almost like it didn’t just happen. And other then that – total silence! Amazing indeed. Enjoy the imagination, and if you every get the chance, try it.

Boat of the Year 2015: Farr 280

DESIGNED FOR: One-design racing

REQUIRED CREW: Five to six

BEST ATTRIBUTES: Construction quality, hydraulic rig controls, modern systems and gear, road-worthy


Best dinghy: Topper Topaz Argo

DESIGNED FOR: Sailing schools, families, and getting youth sailors on the wire

REQUIRED CREW: Two to race, four to play

BEST ATTRIBUTES: Proven roto-molded construction, engineered stiffness in the hull, easy but powerful sail plan


Best One-Design: RS Aero

DESIGNED FOR: One-design racing or soul sailing

BEST ATTRIBUTES: Construction quality, lightweight hull, versatile rig with multiple combinations, technical details, and price


Best Multihull: Gunboat 55

DESIGNED FOR: Fast passages, occasional class racing, and sailing off the grid

REQUIRED CREW: Five to race, two to cruise—with experience

BEST ATTRIBUTES: Best performing cruising cat of its kind; stiff, lightweight engineering, race ready, American built

PRICE AS TESTED: $2,100,000

Best Crossover: Seascape 27

DESIGNED FOR: Shorthanded racing, camper cruising, and day sailing

REQUIRED CREW: Solo, twin, or four around the cans

BEST ATTRIBUTES: Innovative details, versatility, performance, trailer ability, one-design class

PRICE AS TESTED: $120,000, well equipped

Source: 2015 Boat of the Year: The Winners | Sailing World

Muahaaa and stay tuned for “Things I like that money can buy”


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